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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to smooth the contours of the face, reducing the effect of lines and wrinkles. They are also used to give volume to sunken areas such as the cheeks or lips and can be used to complement surgical procedures elsewhere on the body too.

Why choose dermal fillers?

As our skin ages, it loses volume as the collagen that shapes and supports it starts to deplete. The impact of exposure to the sun, air pollution and the stresses of daily life become apparent in the form of lines and wrinkles and can give you a tired or sunken appearance. Fillers are non-invasive treatments that counter these effects, restoring volume and promoting a more youthful appearance.

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What can fillers achieve?

  • Smooth lines and reduce wrinkles
  • Give volume back
  • Long lasting effects (up to 2 years)
  • Minimal downtime - return to work/activities the same day
  • You may experience some slight swelling or bruising to the area being injected and typically doens't last longer than 48 hours.

Is there an alternative to dermal fillers?

There are other non-surgical treatments such as Botox that also seek to tackle the effects of ageing and surgical options such as facelifts, which you may want to consider depending on your individual circumstances. Speaking to your surgeon about your goals should help you to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment(s).

What to expect before your fillers procedure

Meeting with your surgeon before your procedure will help to set clear expectations and put in place the good communications that are fundamental for creating a comfortable and relaxing experience.

During you consultation you will:

  • Discuss your reasons for seeking fillers
  • Learn more about dermal fillers, the procedure and before and aftercare
  • Undergo a full health evaluation
  • Have an assessment of the area being treated
  • Talk about timescales and costs

What to expect before your cosmetic fillers procedure

As your surgery approaches, you may be asked to make some small lifestyle changes and asked to avoid particular activities and medications

This may include:

  • Taking medical tests including blood tests
  • Stopping smoking
  • Adjusting or taking certain medications
  • Avoiding aspirin, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Refraining from drinking alcohol
  • Avoiding sun overexposure, particularly to the face
  • Committing not to make stringent changes to your diet

The dermal filler procedure

  • This procedure is very simple and should last between 30 minutes and 1 hour
  • The area to be treated is cleaned and a numbing cream applied
  • The surgeon will use a very fine needle to inject the fillers, plumping the skin and smoothing lines and wrinkles

After your scar revision surgery

You will be able to leave the clinic straight after your procedure, though you may notice some swelling and a little bruising.

After that:

  • Swelling and bruising should subside within 48hours
  • You can return to work or other activities straight away
  • Your aftercare and any follow up appointments will be scheduled with the surgeon

Still have questions about fillers?

As a cosmetic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery expert, Dr Stefano Cotrufo specialises in carrying out procedures for the face and neck area.

He personally carries out all surgical and non-surgical procedures here at the clinic, including filler injections. Dr Stefano Cotrufo is also a member of the General Medical Council and appears on the Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons.

If you have any further questions about dermal fillers and whether they are appropriate for you or you would like to discuss the level of care you can expect to receive should you wish to undergo your procedure with us, please call 0207 873 2330 to book a personal consultation.