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Macrolane to Buttocks

If you feel insecure about flabby, flat or shapeless buttocks, you may wish to have a non-surgical treatment to help provide you with the contours and figure you truly want.

In recent years, well-rounded and pert buttocks have become highly desirable; however, if you are unsatisfied or unhappy with the shape of your rear, this could mean that you feel incredibly self-conscious. Luckily, non-surgical buttock shaping could be the answer. During the treatment, a surgeon will add Macrolane to buttocks to plump up the area to create a sculpted and firm look. This can help you feel confident and comfortable wearing everything from your favourite clothing to swimwear.

Why have non-surgical buttock shaping?

Macrolane buttocks reshaping is ideal for just about anyone who wants to restore or create fullness and a more sculpted buttock shape without undergoing cosmetic surgery. This treatment is a fantastic alternative to buttock implants, as there is no need to worry about general anaesthesia or a long recovery time and yet the results are still very noticeable.

Buttock shaping is proving popular among both men and women, as having a tight, firm behind can be a big confidence booster. It can be the case that no amount of time spent in the gym focusing on this area can yield the results you want, and this is where adding macrolane to buttocks can be incredibly beneficial. If you want to improve your overall appearance and enjoy drastic results without having to undergo cosmetic surgery, these injections could be absolutely ideal.

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What happens during Macrolane buttocks reshaping?

During this outpatient treatment, an injection of Macrolane (a type of hyaluronic gel) is placed into the buttocks, in order to plump and stimulate collagen generation. This will improve the fullness in the buttocks, and because this is a natural approach as opposed to the fitting of hard, artificial buttock implants, the results are softer and smooth.

Benefits and results

The changes to the appearance of your buttocks will be noticeable immediately after the treatment.

Aesthetically, your buttocks will appear more refined, fuller, and contoured in general, which can help you feel much more confident in daily life. If you have lost firmness or have dealt with problematic unevenness, this can be put right quickly and effectively with this innovative treatment. There’s no scarring left behind either, so you can feel at your best even when wearing barely-there outfits such as bikini bottoms, for example.

Dr. Cotrufo is a specialist when it comes to achieving natural results through non-surgical methods. Through discreet treatments like Macrolane buttocks reshaping, Dr. Cotrufo can restore your self-confidence and give you the flattering figure you have always wanted.