Before & After Face & Neck Lift

Weight stable, stubborn fat

VASER, neck lift, minimal scar

4 years follow up

48 years old

  • Read about A.B.’s experience…
Read about A.B.’s experience…

Well, what can I say!! Three months ago, today, I had Vaser Lipo surgery to remove fat from my throat/chin area and what a difference! My surgeon was Mr. Stefano Cotrufo and before the consultation i hadn’t heard of him. Straight away, I felt very comfortable with Stefano. Surprisingly young, he was calm, patient and very thorough in explaining the pros and cons. It was he who suggested Vaser Lipo and what he has done is little short of a miracle. I now have a jaw line and throat I didn’t posses in my twenties; ( what I call a”right angle” chin ). I really am thrilled with the magic Stefano has worked!!From my first consultation to my post op meeting, three weeks ago, Stefano has remained in touch and accessible through texts and phone calls and is always available for his patients. I really can’t thank him enough for everything and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him, to anyoneThank you, Stefano

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

Stubborn fat

VASER, neck lift, buccal fat pad

3 months follow up

34 years old

  • Read about S.F.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about S.F.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Wow, what an amazing Surgeon. This is my first surgery and I feel like I have had he best experience I could possibly get from a surgeon and procedure. I had a few concerns before and after and Dr Cotrufo helped me through them as soon as a contacted him. I am very happy with the surgery I went ahead with and there were no complications and the result is great. He is a very professional individual and I believe that I will be contacting him in the future for other procedures including Botox :)

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

Severe skin laxity

VASER, neck lift, minimal scar

2 months follow up

27 years old

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Read about L.V.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Dr Cotrufo did a wonderful job with my surgery. Throughout the entire experience he was wonderful. His assistant also has been great to me. Always checking up and calling to make sure I felt okay after surgery. I have been so happy with my outcome and experience with these two individuals. Thank you!

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

Advanced skin damage

VASER, neck lift, minimal scar

6 months follow up

61 years old

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Read about A.F.’s ★★★★★ experience…

My thanks for getting this opportunity to express my amazement at the results of my surgery in so short a time. All of my family and friends are astonished at how little evidence there is after the operation and in such a short time . My thanks to Dr Cotrufo for his ability and skill in leaving me looking completely normal.

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

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