Before and After RHINOPLASTY

Obvious hump

Rhinoplasty, cartilage grafts

4 weeks follow up

23 years old

  • Read about SJVP’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about SJVP’s ★★★★★ experience…

I had a consultation with Dr Cotrufo for rhinoplasty. It was my very first procedure so I was a little nervous and wanted to make sure I was well informed and made the right decision. My first impression of him was extremely positive. He was polite, patient and took the time to explain everything I needed to know. I had consultations with other surgeons to make sure I was making an informed decision, but in my head he was already going to perform the surgery. And in the end he did. Nobody else gave me the same sense of confidence, safety and security as Dr Cotrufo did. The surgery went very smoothly and so did the healing process. Throughout the whole experience Dr Cotrufo was always available to be contacted and both he and his assistant checked on me regularly post op. It’s now just over two weeks since the operation and of course my nose is still very swollen, but I’m already loving what I can see underneath. I couldn’t recommend him enough. An excellent surgeon and a really polite and lovely man.

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

Road traffic accident

Open septorhinoplasty, bilateral spreader cartilage, grafts

8 months follow up

34 years old

  • Read about N.M.’s experience…
Read about N.M.’s experience…

Nose Reshaping. For years I was unhappy with the shape of my nose. I had damaged it as a child and it was never looked at. Meeting Dr Cotrufo made the decision to have it reshaped very easy. He explained everything in great detail, he drew out what he was trying to achieve and made me feel very comfortable with the decision I had made. A fantastic guy who I would recommend to anyone who was in need of a brilliant surgeon, doctor and person.

★ Google

Previous close rhinoplasty

Open septorhinoplasty, tongue-in-groove

1 year follow up

25 years old

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Read about D.123’s ★★★★★ experience…

I would like to begin by saying how thankful I am to have found Dr Cotrufo. I was very scared to do a septorhinoplasty, however after years of difficulty breathing and disliking my nose, I decided to finally get it done. Dr Cotrufo exactly told me how he would operate on my nose and was very professional. Leading up to surgery, I was able to contact him for any queries I had which was very reassuring. It was very difficult to breathe through my nose and it had a bump which I disliked. Now that I have seen the results (3weeks post op) I am more than happy! I can breathe very well and my nose looks very natural on my face. The surgery itself went very smoothly and I had 24 hour care! Even to this day I am still able to contact Dr Cotrufo with any of my questions! Honestly such a great experience, would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

2 previous trauma and reconstruction

Open septorhinoplasty, grafts, toungue-in-groove

6 months follow uo

40 years old and wishes to maintain masculine feature, as happy with lateral view

  • Read about G.M.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about G.M.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Dr Stefano Cotrufo was remarkable throughout. My surgery was a 3rd revision septorhinoplasty which I discussed with Stefano for a year before undertaking the procedure. I had a number of major concerns around fixing what was quite a serious breathing problem but also altering the shape and appearance of my nose as a result of the required procedure.

Stefano listened and advised in great detail over the year that we discussed my case in order to arrive at a sugery plan that we were both comfortable with. The case itself was extremely challenging in that 1) revision Septorhinoplasty is probably the most difficult procedure in cosmetic plastic surgery; a 3rd revision is the highest level of complexity and there are very few surgeons who can perform this in the UK and Europe 2) Stefano achieved an outstanding improvement of breathing function, nose shape and facial balance that looks extremely natural.

Even on the day of my surgery I was able to breathe much better and six weeks on (as I write this) with at least 85% of the swelling gone, the breathing continues to improve and the cosmetic result is also very pleasing.

I am extremely picky about quality and my looks (as we all probably are when it comes to such a central feature as one’s nose) but I cannot recommend Dr Cotrufo highly enough. My daughter has a similar issue and I will absolutely be using Stefano for her case too.

Impeccably friendly, professional and caring too as are his staff.

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

Dorsal hump and long nose

Open septorhinoplasty, grafts, toungue-in-groove

6 months follow up

38 years old

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Read about JSP12345’s ★★★★★ experience…

Having been through 2 septoplaty procedures and 1 rhinoplasty procedure it became very difficult for me to 1. Find a surgeon who would take on my very complex case of a secondary revision rhinoplasty and 2. Find a surgeon who would give me the results I have wanted from the outset. Having gone through the history prior to my procedure I can confidently say that Dr Cotrufo from the very first consultation put me at ease by providing me very detailed, yet simple to understand, outlay on the importance of surgery, the risks and specifics surrounding my case. I had the desire of correcting the crookedness in my nose as well as reducing the prominent dorsal hump. 2 weeks post surgery and with my cast off I am very, very satisfied with the results. Dr Cotrufo is a very professional being with the skill-set and knowledge to put me at ease throughout my rhinoplasty deliberations and procedure. Thank you Dr Cotrufo

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

Previous rhinoplasty

Revision, open tip refinement, grafts

1 year follow up

29 years old

  • Read about C.A.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about C.A.’s ★★★★★ experience…

My decision to go ahead with Rhinoplasty with Dr Stefano Cotrufo was the best decision i ever made. From the very beginning he was incredibly informative, kept my expectations realistic and was very supportive. As i am quite young (18 years old) he made sure i understood what it meant having this procedure done and also fully involved my mother when it came to making the final decision to go ahead. I’ve always struggled with the appearance of my nose from a very young age but i was always so scared of having Rhinoplasty done. Dr Cotrufo made this a lot more digestible as he explained the process to me so well and it wasn’t scary at all! I also felt very little pain during my healing process. I am 6 month post op, my nose is settling very well and it looks amazing!!!. its so natural yet so beautiful, i cant believe it was hiding under my old nose this whole time. I cant thank this man enough. The aftercare has been fantastic, any time i have needed an appointment/ check up or even just had questions it was sorted out so quickly. I would not recommend any other man but him!

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

Dorsal hump, long nose

Open septorhinoplasty, grafts, toungue-in-groove

4 months follow up

35 years old

  • Read about J.A.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about J.A.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Dr Cotrufo has reshaped my nose for me, after sitting and discussing the issue with him, he was very understanding and explained everything clearly he visually showed me what he was planning on doing which made it easier for me as a patient and in turn made it more comforting. He was really friendly and maintained professional throughout our meetings. I would really recommend Dr Cotrufo to those who require a surgeon, he was absolutely brilliant.

★★★★★ Overall rating – Google

Dorsal hump, valve insufficiency

Open rhinoplasty, cartulage grafts

10 months follow up

27 years old

  • Read about Z.S.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about Z.S.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Trusting someone with your nose has to be one of the hardest choices to make, I mean they’re working on the centre point of your face! I needed a Septoplasty and a Rhinoplasty, I’d spoken to friends and booked a few consultations with surgeons that they’d recommended, I also done some of my own research online and stumbled across Dr Stefano Cotrufo; who was able to see me for a consultation at the earliest date. I cancelled the other consultations after meeting Dr Cotrufo. After meeting Dr Cotrufo I immediately knew that he’d be my surgeon, I was impressed with the initial consultation and his calm manner. I decided to go ahead with the surgery and was fit in 3 weeks after my first consultation so that I’d be able to recover by the time I needed to travel. On the day of the surgery I was so nervous and kept panicking, Dr Cotrufo arrived and was calm and understanding before the surgery, this immediately helped calm the nerves. Before I knew it I was back out and in recovery. The Nurses and anaesthetist were exceptional, as was Dr Cotrufo. I was able to go home the morning after. The recovery process is different for everyone, I’ve had mainly good days and a couple not-so good days but there has never been a time where I’ve been unable to contact Dr Cotrufo for any concerns. I’m now just over 2 weeks post opp, I’ve had 3 follow up consults and removed the splint. There is obviously a lot of swelling, but the results are so impressive. Dr Cotrufo was able to deliver exactly what I asked for, my septum is now dead straight and my nose is overall smaller but so natural looking. Would highly recommend Dr Cotrufo to friends, family and anyone reading this!

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

  • Read about H.M.’s ★★★★★ experience…
Read about H.M.’s ★★★★★ experience…

Dear, I already have done a lot of plastic surgery, Before I even met Dr Cotrufo, unfortunately for my self, it all went wrong. I guess I had bad luck with the surgeons, they where not very good. I had a messed up nose, messed up breast, messed up lips from silicon and on top of that I only had one butt- implant left in my butt. I was feeling so down, I was so ashamed for my look, it really touched me in the deepest part of my soul to walk around with this messed up look. But I always kept my faith that one day, I could be decent and good looking again. I have met Dr Cotrufo true a friend of my, she was feeling sorry for me, and thats why she recommended Dr Cotrufo because she knew that he could help me out. And he certainly did. He fixed my nose, my breast, my lips and my butt into something decent and good looking again. I know it all was very difficult procedures because I already had done 2 nose breast lips and butt implant procedures before with different surgeons, but they all messed it up so badly, so it is kind of a miracle for me, that now everything is good looking again :-) I am more then happy with the results I even have a boyfriend now. My life did improved so much. Thank you very much, dear Stefano.

★★★★★ Overall rating – Real Self

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