Lip Filler

Dermal filler treatments can add definition and volume to the lips, which can enhance smaller, thinner lips. This procedure can also help give more balance for lips which are asymmetrical, as well as smooth the appearance of fine lines around or on the lips.

Instead of lining the lips and creating a distorted result, Dr Cotrufo aims to enhance your lips’ natural pattern to give them a desirable and full appearance that suits your face.

Why have dermal fillers for lips?

Dermal fillers give your lips a natural restoration using hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in human collagen. They simply replace the collagen you lose through ageing, giving you plumper and more youthful lips.

Benefits and Results

  • Enhance or restore the shape and definition of the lips

  • Gives a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance

  • The treatment is non-invasive with no downtime

What happens during a lip dermal filler treatment?

Fillers are injected in small controlled doses just under the surface of the skin of the lips. This plumps the lips and smoothens out lines for a firmer and more refreshed appearance.

Cheek Filler

Injecting dermal fillers to the cheeks can help restore volume to sunken cheeks. This treatment can also help regain a youthful appearance to the cheeks and add strong facial contour.

Treatment with dermal fillers can help create balance, improving the facial profile.

Why have cheek dermal fillers?

Cheeks are central to the face and support the eyes, jawline and the mid-face. Loss of volume in the cheek area may change the appearance. Dermal fillers can restore volume in the cheeks, help replenish hollows, and work to build up cheekbones.

Benefits and Results

  • Can achieve a fuller cheekbone or give the cheekbone a contoured appearance

  • Restores volume to rejuvenate the face

  • Lifts the cheeks to correct an aged or sunken appearance

What happens during a cheek dermal filler treatment?

The fillers are injected beneath the skin in the cheek areas using a very fine needle. The fillers plump up the skin from beneath, filling augmenting the cheeks.

Tear Trough

Tear trough treatment with dermal fillers works to refresh and rejuvenate eye bags, dark circles, sunken and tired looking eyes; replacing lost volume and while retaining skin hydration.

The area under the eyes is assessed before treatment and Dr Cotrufo will advise you on whether this is an effective treatment for you when you come in for your consultation in our Harley Street clinic.

Why have dermal fillers for tear through?

Injecting dermal fillers into the tear trough will give a fuller and brighter expression that will leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Benefits and Results

Correction of the dark circles and eye bags

The treatment is quick, and results are visible within days

What happens during a tear through filler treatment?

Dermal fillers are injected in small amounts and in precise locations into your skin. The doctor will then massage the area for a smooth result.


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